The newest Lion. 12 x 16 I do love lions!
Leopard and reflection.  12 x 16
I usually make two or more versions of the same basic idea, though I couldn't make any two identical if I tried. Two versions of the Crab Nebula with slight variations in color and format (12x12 and 12x16). The cloudy looking sections are such extremely small amounts of paint that it was difficult to see at all until the black background was added. Also, yes, they are mirror images of one another. The one on the right is in the orientation as seen from Earth. 
A tribute to a little dog. 
This was, so far, the only commisioned piece I've done. As you can see, I battle reflections when trying to take pictures of finished work - especially outside!
If you are intersted in commisioning something with meaning to you, contact me.