The Studio and Shop

The lone Crow Studio is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of central New York.
  I've converted about half of my little house into a studio / magic workshop.
We start in the office.
It used to be a dining room but now it is used for Photoshop, printing, web design, busines stuff. Also the Orion Nebula.
What used to be the master bedroom is now a shop.
This is where the images are carved into the glass. As you can see I am currently just using fairly conventional and inexpensive equipment. It is a crude tool for a fine job and it took me a long time too get things "dialed in".  Yes, I use a sandblaster in my house! Yes it makes a huge mess! Notice the dust-collector hanging on the wall - never use a sandblaster without dust collection! Trust me I tried.
I make my own frames, again using fairly common tools. I thought this would be the easy part - I was wrong!
The little room with the red light is a big closet converted to a darkroom.
Every shop needs a big-ass general purpose table
What used to be a living room is now the studio.
This is where the resist is applied and dried as well as painting, staining, assembly and photos happen.