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Hi All,

This class is up for pre-sale and will be available for you on March 12th -June 4th then it will be closed down.

At this point I've changed my approach and I've opened up all the lessons at the same time. I know some of us like to see where we are headed before we start.

March 12th-April 9th First you will learn how to making your own collage papers at weekly intervals, giving you time to work through the steps. Coat and store you papers for the following weeks ahead.

Starting April 9th Second part of the class will be introduced with step by step instruction on how to create your own Abstract Mini Collage Landscape, which at this time you will work at your own pace.

Closing of Class will be June 4th 2022

stamps and stencils.jpg

This downloadable supply list are the items I use when creating my collage works. I wouldn't substitute the gloss medium or the glazing medium by Golden, it's works the best. Coating papers does use up a larger amount of the gloss medium so I would suggest getting the 16oz. or larger for this course. 

Tape can be substitute with a delicate painters tape if you are not able to order the Uline white tape. I've used all kinds but always a delicate tape. Taping off the edges leaves you with a beautiful clean cut edge and protection again any other process that happen to the surface as you go through the many layers you will be exploring.  

Please see the links on the second page for you art materials you will have to order possibly if you don't already have it. 

Before you print your supply list hover over the link and you should be able to hit it and go right to what supply is needed.

AbstractCollageLandscapessupplylist (2).pdf
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