Supply List and Extra's

Hi, are you ready for this?

When creating a concertina or accordion sketchbook such as this one you will explore as much as you like or as little.

A sketchbook is a place to let worries go.

A place about the letting go of the end result and be in the moment inspiration.

Sure you may complete the whole long sketch but not in one sitting.

The process is made to stretch out over time witnessing changes, life stuff and all the silly messy bits. The sketchbooks are a place to follow the intuitive side of ourselves that we don't always get to use in our daily lives or practices. They are a great source of enlightenment and aid in problem solving.

I would like you all to see what you have around first as you look at the supplies and be creative with what you have. Sometimes we don't have to purchase tons of supplies, they can be adapted and made with what we have already. Though I do understand how great if feels to have art supplies.

Lets look at the list below and some images of the supplies I use.


Concertina and Accordion Sketchbook Supply List.pdf

Take a look at the photo's below to see some of the items I use when I work in collage, altered books and my concertina sketchbooks.

Brush Pens hold water and you can squeeze out small amounts when using any water soluble drawing mediums. They're optional because you can use a paint brush with a little water too.

All kinds of objects, stamps and stencils can be used. You can even cut your own from a manila folder. And use cookie cutters for simple shapes.

Simple things like tea and instant coffee can be used as a stain on papers. Though the Black Walnut dye will have to be purchase on line but you might be able to find black walnut crystals to dilute in water and create a stain at your local art material store. Again these items and objects can be added to your supplies to use later. See what you have and be creative with that first. Acrylics when watered down can become a stain too.

Adhesive, gloss mediums and yes glue all work. . As shared before see what you have first before purchasing. Glues-acrylic mediums are used in mixed media/collage works along with many others and drawing mediums. Working with any other watersoluble materials (Inktenses, Neocolor II) you might want to have a spray to avoid smears.

The Krylon workable fixatif is great but use it outside when spraying over any drawing medium that can smear or bleed with water or liquids. I use the fixatif when I bring in the drawing materials only.

Book thread or embroidery threads work great for projects like this. I personally like to use a crewel needle, They have a sharp point and a large dye.

Here are some of the irons I've used in the past. The Tack Iron-Heat Sealing Iron with the black handle is hard to come by these days. So see what kind of iron you have around house, use them cotton setting. Works good with no steam and the parchment paper between the iron and the gloss medium dried coated papers. Which will be explained further in the class.

Green Encaustic Iron

House Iron General house Iron works, Cotton setting, no steam though.

Heat Seal Iron, "Tack Iron" These irons have become difficult to find, as the manufacture has stopped making them.

Oliso- Arts and Craft Iron, I just found this iron and it works great but of course no steam. I like this iron because it regulates the heat and set temperature.

Always use a safety release sheet between the iron and coated papers like parchment paper.

Cutting Stencils yourself does take a bit of practice. You can purchase sheet of plastic film like what you see above. The company is Grafix And if you can't find this you can use card stock thickness of papers or even a cereal box will work. Getting creative with supplies is just as fun as using them.

Lesson Summary

When creating a concertina or accordion sketchbook, it is a place to let go of worries and be in the moment of inspiration. The sketchbook process is meant to stretch out over time, allowing for changes and messy bits. The sketchbook encourages intuitive exploration and problem-solving. It is recommended to use what you already have before purchasing new supplies. Consider using multimedia or watercolor paper, collage papers, various paint brushes, acrylic paints, drawing mediums, embellishments, stamping and stenciling materials, Lyra Graphite crayon, cosmetic sponges, magazines for added words and images, a ruler, pencil, utility knife, parchment paper, wax paper, cutting board or cardboard, crewel needles, waxed book thread or embroidery thread, small awl, heavy gel medium or PVA glue, bone tool, dyes such as instant coffee or black walnut dye, iron or encaustic iron, book board or heavy cardboard, gloss medium, gesso, and newspaper or table surface covering. Optional items include brush pens, objects for stamping and stenciling, tea or instant coffee as stain, acrylics as stain, adhesive, fixatif for smearing prevention, and plastic film or card stock for cutting stencils. Remember, getting creative with supplies can be just as fun as using them.

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