Supply list

Images of Art Material used in this on line Classes.

Soft Gel, mat or gloss, Feather tools, Stabilo pencils, Caran DAche Crayons

I personal like to use the drawing mediums that are water-soluble, look for those products first.

Inktense pencils, Cosmetic sponges, Sponge Roller, Tile Grout Spreader

Bowl Scraper, Reinforcement Ringlets, Sponge Roller

Elastic Cord, Gesso, artist primmer for paper and canvas substrates. There are many brands out there see which one works with your budget.

There is a supply list with materials and then there is the added materials here if you have them it's what I've used. I always tell my students to see what you have around the house first that you can use before going out and buying tons of supplies.

It's amazing what can be done with a few simple things.

I've not added any link at this time because if I did they would change in a matter of seconds so with showing the images you can see what I have in my studio space and see if you have something comparable in yours.

Supply List.pdf
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