Starting with One Large sheet of paper 22 x 30

It may look like an abstract painting but soon it will be an 8 spread journal, that the abstract theme will be carried all the way through even the front cover and the back.

What's in this Class

In a class like art journal the hardest thing to tell my students is that your work will turn out differently then mine.

And rightly so because we will make different choice when we are in that question mode about what to do next.

We will also have different art material available to use and may even experiment with what we have already instead of buying more.

I always say use what you have and see what you can get from it. Explore and really take a risk, Art Journaling begs us to do just that.

What this Class has in store for you

7-Downloadable PDF
All 21 Videos for your viewing needs while you are taking the class.
Techniques used for all art journaling
Inquiring bookmaking lessons
Learning about basic design sense in elements and principle without knowing it
How to carry a theme through out your book
Inspiration learned through the experimenting of art journaling
And finally something to share with your Art groups

A quick peek at what one sheet of paper can become

India Ink and Marks

Layers begin with Gesso and India Ink with handmade tools.


Using your favor stencils through the One Large Sheet Art Journal can be challenging but also exciting through just the thought process of, "doing some thing different each time."

Creating support for your Journal covers

Any kinds of glue you have at home can be used in this process of making the One Sheet Large Journal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Help with Login In? If you having trouble getting into Lonecrow Studio, after you have already signed up and paid, please know your information is not stored with the instructor. Try clearing you cookies, try again then please check the Help Link Save your login information.

When does the course begin and end?

The course begins as soon as your transaction is complete. After you sign up you have access to all the course information and can work at your own pace.

How long do I have access to this course?

You have access to this course as long as the instructor is able to keep teaching and the school is open, unless otherwise notified on the individual courses offered. Don't let your course expire on the Shelf. Like an old can of beans in the pantry....something I do often in my house.

What level of ability is this course for?

This course is for anyone willing to learn more about design and composition. Be it for a beginner or more advance it works well for both

Videos-Do I need high speed internet for this course?

It is suggested to view videos with high-speed internet.

Is it that important to have all the supplies on the list?

Work with what you have though there are some techniques in advance courses that work best with set materials. Work with what you have around you first before going out and spend big dollars on supplies. I do prefer Golden's Gloss Medium over other brands

Is there an online community connected with this course?

Currently there is a Facebook Community. It's set up as Private community.

Lonecrow Collage Studio.

It is where everyone shares that have taken any of my classes.

 What is the Refund Policy?

Once you are enrolled in the course, I am unable to offer a refund. You are able to receive the pdf's and video to watch. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions prior to signing up.

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