There are wonderful tactile feelings received when we hold a book in our hands. A sense of comfort, safety and the connects of a dear friend. Most books we just hold and open it up to the pages, but a book that has a closure take more awareness and attention.

When opened and closed many times it will create a pattern that awaken our senses to be present in the moment. And to close the journal the sense of closure and completion. A small sign of let it go your thoughts, your words, your creative art making. 

This class has two parts, the making of papers for the inside of your art journal and the second part is making an outside cover. I have you making the papers first so if you would like to use some of the paper for your cover you have that available to create a harmony of all the elements inside and out.

You have two different supply list one for the papers and one for the making of the cover and the collage, mixed media and art journaling segments.

I will be setting this class up in the drip formation which means you won't be able to watch and see everything at once. Process is the name of the game here. I would like you all to move into this class fresh visual and tactile sensations.

Drip Formation Agenda

  • You will receive full access to your supply lists and the organic papers surfaces upon registering for the class.
  • Cover, closure and assembling the signature will be available 10 days after you start the class.
  • Art Journaling prompts will begin 15 days after you start the class.
  • Bonus Book will be open to you 20 days after class starts.

Be aware when you start and you will be able to process through or wait till the 20 day after you sign up and you have all if in one lump some.

As much as we dislike sharing this part, we know things happen and sometimes there are issue with the technology use. If you find you are having some issue please check this Link out for further reference, Students Guide

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