Scroll Roll Supply List

Supply List for Scroll Roll Sketching.pdf

Natural Sprays and dyes for altering your Scroll Roll paper

Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Ink - 1 oz, Black

Instant Coffee Spray,

If you want to play around with a natural dye like the instant coffee or tea's with Hibiscus will work well on book pages, drawing paper and watercolor papers. I've even use Blackberries smeared on the surface and let it dry and scrap the seeds off.

All these simple dyes are fun ways to alter the papers. This is what I chose to do for the back of the papers.

If you Google Natural Black Walnut Dye and or Crystal I'm sure can find them. I could share the link but before you know it they change. Or you can use the inks in the bottles or water down your fluid acrylics and create a dye too. Daler-Rowney FW Acrylic Water-Resistant Artists Ink - 1 oz, Black

This is not the only brand of inks out there.....and the fluid acrylic do work the best when watered down to create an ink.

Add you dyes in a spray bottle and there you Go ready to mist color and dye papers.

Adapt your supplies as needed. Good to have a small spray bottle with just water too as you may want to do a drip effect or water down the paper before. I suggest picking up a few bottles to have on hand.

As for the threads I like to use, Volcano Arts is the place that I purchase my Waxed Book Thread, but you may want to use other threads. No right or wrong on this. Make it as unique as you can with your own choices of supplies.

And take a look at the Symbol Sheet below I prepared for inspiration. This is just to spark inspiration when you needing to draw or create a connection from one mark to next one. Some gestures and doodles of sorts are recognized and patterns can be created to make your segments more interesting to you and the viewer of your art work.

symbols full sheet.pdf
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