Small Exercise as a way to Practice

In this class you will be guide to create a palette of papers to pull from and use in your collage with a tack iron. Though other papers work well with this technique for the first time it will be best to sticking only to using the source of magazines.

Information about Irons for Tack Down of Collage

In the Collage Classes that are taught here in Lonecrow Studio there are two approaches.


First approach you will see classes prepared for a sketchbook that uses only glue sticks, scissors,

and magazine.


Second approach You will see classes with the process of using a Heat Seal

Iron and the coating of all collage papers, that I like to call "Tacking



List of some irons that can be used:

Green Encaustic Iron

House Iron General house Iron works, Cotton setting, no steam though.

Heat Seal Iron, "Tack Iron" These irons have become difficult to find, as the manufacture has stopped making them.

Oliso- Arts and Craft Iron, I just found this iron and it works great but of course no steam. I like this iron because it regulates the heat and set temperature.

Always use a safety release sheet between the iron and coated papers like parchment paper.

Coating Papers what is that all about?

When ever you use an iron, a tack iron or house iron the dried layer of Gloss Medium, (Golden Brand) work as a glossy surface. Then when heated the papers will fuse together with the other layers of papers and your substrate of watercolor paper.

Creating a palette of your own Collage papers

Though limited to only magazine pages the altering of them can be quite fun and experimental

Coating Paper

The layer of dried gloss medium heats up with the iron and melts, fused and adheres to the substrate and other papers.

Tacking Down

Safety Release sheet needs to be sandwiched in between the papers and the iron. Don't want anything to burn. Parchment papers works great for this and your regular house Iron too.

Example Curriculum

  Supply List
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  Making your Collage Palette
Available in days
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  Adding color to you collage papers
Available in days
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  Safety Release Sheet-Parchment
Available in days
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  Tapes, Substrates and Small Exercises
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  Creating a larger Collage with an Iron
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Sharing your Collage Work
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Continue to learn about composition and placement

Limiting oneself with just three piece of paper seems odd but when learning about composition and design it is a wonderful way to do it.

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This course is for anyone willing to learn more about design and composition. Be it for a beginner or more advance it works well for both

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It is suggested to view videos with high-speed internet.

Is it that important to have all the supplies on the list?

Work with what you have though there are some techniques in advance courses that work best with set materials. Work with what you have around you first before going out and spend big dollars on supplies. I do prefer Golden's Gloss Medium over other brands

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Currently there is a Facebook Community. It's set up as Private community.

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It is where everyone shares that have taken any of my classes.


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